Qubic – Registration Tutorial

AMIS has officially launched its latest digital wallet, Qubic!
The importance of having a digital wallet to blockchain is equivalent to a browser to the Internet.
So how does one register for the Qubic wallet?
It’s extremely easy. Simply follow the steps below to begin your own journey into the crypto world! 

Step 1.
Firstly, open Qubic’s interface. 

Whether you’re using the web version https://wallet.qubic.app/ 

or searching on Apple store for the app version

the interface should look similar.

Step 2.

Next, select the social media account you would like to link with.

Step 3.(Google Account)
Here we use Google as an example. Simply enter your own account.

Step 2. & 3. (Apple ID)

Special attention! If you use apple ID to register Qubic, remember to choose “Share My Email”.

If not, you might not be able to retain your assets when you sign in once again. Be alert!


Step 4.
After signing in, it should pop up notices. Pay attention to the details!

Step 5.
Secondly, create a password to your preference using only numbers or a combination of numbers and alphabets. Once set, it will then ask to confirm your password.

Step 6. 
Then, connect to your Google Drive and backup the password created.

Step 7.
Before connecting, it will ask to enter your password again.

Step 8.
Select “accept” to authorize Drive, or select one account to accept, and you are set~!

Lastly, click “Me” to search the email address used for registration. 

Done! Now you have successfully registered for Qubic and are ready to take on the world of crypto~!

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