Protect assets from phishing attack

What is phishing attack?

The phishing attack is the most common way to hack the user account. Today, lots of attacker prepare the the phishing mail, SMS, and sites for hunting the valuable target. To against the phishing attack, let’s do something before the bad things happened!

How to protect assets from phishing attack?

  • Think Before Open Unknown File/App
    Some of the phishing attack using crafted file, malware, or spyware to steal your assets. To avoid attack, you should double confirm the source of file/app and do NOT download app from non-official sites. In the meantime, you should keep the version of application, browser, operation system and anti-virus/IDP up-to-date.
  • Think Before Click URL
    First, do *NOT* open the short URL if you are suspicious of a URL. Be clear about the destination when you must use short URLs.
    Second, check the real address/domain of URL. For example, in, the site you’re actually on is actually
    Third, confirm the URL is and or not again. In the end, if you enter to the suspicious site DO NOT FILL IN ANY INFORMATION.
  • If you don’t know how to check, you can choose the easier way to prevent this by using Chrome/Firefox browser(Safe Browsing is enabled by default) with NetcraftAvast, or BitDefender extension/AddOn. Those browser/ extensions will avoid you entering the phishing sites with an eye-catching alert/warning.
    If you want help the safe browsing project you can report the phishing site use the Google Suspicious Site Reporter.

Phishing Samples

Fake Electrum wallet
Fake wallet apps

Fake Sites

fake site with wrong URL
  • www[.]maicoin-tw[.]com
  • www[.]tw-maicoin[.]com
  • www[.]maicoin[.]cc
  • www[.]maicoins[.]com
  • www[.]maicoin[.]com[.]mx
  • www[.]maicoin[.]in

Google Search Keyword Phishing

non-official google advertisement

Facebook Fake Fan Page

Facebook Fake Fan Page

Report Phishing Attack

If you discover the phishing site, mail, and others suspicious things of MaiCoin. You can report to

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