How to buy MITH with crypto-to-crypto on MAX exchange

How to buy MITH on MAX exchange? Now you can trade it with cryptocurrency in addition to fiat currency. MAX also supports MITH-BTC/ETH/USDT trading pairs, which are called crypto-to-crypto trading pairs.

Now you can trade on our MAX Exchange mobile app both on iOS and Android!

ERC20 is a technical standard from Ethereum blockchain, and MITH is one of the ERC20 token on Ethereum blockchain. Mithril Vault also supports ETH/MITH trading pair, please see the example below for how to trade ETH/MITH pair.

There are 4 different types of orders available:

  • Market Order
  • Limit Order
  • Stop-loss Market Order
  • Stop-loss Limit Order

What is Limit Order?

A limit order is an order that specifies a specific price and amount of which the order can only be executed at. An example is shown in the screenshot below. When the lowest price of an sell order in the market is 0.000903, you can place a sell order with your set price and amount. The order will then be filled at the exact price and amount when there’s a buy order that can be matched with yours.

What is market order?

A market order attempts to buy/sell at the current market price. It buys or sells immediately. Market orders are matched with best available orders on the order books until the amount of your order is all filled.

An example is shown in the screenshot below. When you place an order for 10 units of MITH. The order will be filled by taking sell orders with sell price starting from 0.000966 until 10 units of MITH are filled as you request. If the sell amount is less than 10 units of MITH at the price of 0.000966, then the system will fill your order at the next best available price until 10 units of MITH are filled.

What can you do after buying MITH?
You can store it in your MAX wallet, or transfer it to other exchange platform’s wallet. (e.g. OKEx, Mithril Vault)

The MITH balance in your Mithril Vault will be classified into different levels. The higher the level is, the faster the social mining process will be.

You can withdraw MITH from MAX to your MITH Vault by pasting your MITH Vault address on your MITH withdrawal page on MAX. Just that simple!

copy address

paste address on MAX

confirm wallet address and send amount, input Two Factor code, submit

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