Easily sign up MAX account!

Easily sign up MAX account!

You can sign up for MAX account simply just put your email address for Crypto-to-Crypto trading from now on!

That’s right! You just need to put in an email address and trade on MAX immediately!

First of all, enter your email address and set up your password. (Use 8 or more characters with a mix of letters, numbers & symbols)

Privacy & Terms

You must agree and check the box of the Terms of Service, and click the “create the account”. Then, you will see the scene down below.

Please activate the account from your registered email:

Click the link and it’s finished!!

And you will see the scene down below:

This means you can process Crypto-to-Crypto now. You must set up 2FA if you want to withdraw your cryptocurrency (Google Authenticator/SMS verification). The crypto withdrawing limit is $ 500,000 NT per day.

If you want to raise your limit to $ 5,000,000 you must set up your phone number verification and upload a selfie with ID. If you are foreigner, please take the selfie with your passport. (Please all do as the example display)

If you own Taiwan nationality, you can not only use the Crypto-to-Crypto function but also the NTD-to-Crypto function, which must meet the conditions of Lv.3:

If you happen to be approved member, you become Lv.3 member immediately. Crypto withdrawing value limit is $5,000,000, NTD withdrawing value limit is $2,000,000 per day.

Let’s log in and do it now! https://max.maicoin.com/

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